The most important, thing you can do for your child is model reading. Let them "catch" you reading all the time. If you value it, your children will too.
Make time to read with your child every day. If you are reading aloud to your student, you can read well above thier reading level - briefly stop and define certain words to clarify them then keep going. They will remember the vocabulary.
Reading time should be pleasant and enjoyable. Make sure your kids have books they want to read. The public library has a great selection and they are always welcome before or after school with you at the school library. Make sure they see you checking out books for yourself as well - you might even explain why you chose certain ones and how excited you are that you have them.
Consider limiting screen time (TV, Videos, Computers, Tablets) and having daily read before bed time.

Websites that encourage reading can be found on our library website:book pile.jpg

Here are some others for you to explore:

International Reading Association

Colorado Dept of Education - Resources for Early Literacy

A fun activity that encourages both reading and writing is using the free online tool storybird. Create stories together, print them, even order them hardbound if you like !!

Below please find FRY sight words sets the first page of each PDF is the list of those 100 words for the grade level
the rest of the PDF are sight word cards students/parents/teachers can use to aid in learning those sight words