Here are lists from educational groups on ipad or pad apps for students of all ages ! ipads are wonderful learning tools for all ages from PK- high school.
Remember, an ipad is NOT a computer. It does not run software applications like microsoft word, but runs apps that do one specific thing. Some are free some have a cost. You download the app like you would on a phone. It is really a large phone with the same advantages and limitations.

Common Sense Media Essential apps for kids and Teens ipad-510[1].jpg

App store for teachers features category for Blooms Taxonomy


Here is a list of the educational apps some schools are currently using for interventions in the elementary school:

My personal favorites are anything by Grasshopper Apps and University Preschool –

Sight words Lite
Read Me Stories
Free Sight Words
Free sight words
Blackboard Free Sight words
Time Reading
*Photo touch Sight words
Reading Skill
Free Books
Teach Me Kindergarten
Be Big
Word Magic
Word families
Grasshopper apps – I like spring
Magic Reading Part 2
Grasshopper apps I like writing
BB magic lite
CAT lite – oceanhouse media – dr seuss books read alouds
Zap Phonics
Alphabet Tracing
ABC touch - spanish
Alphabet- Spanish
Alphabet Zoo- third rail
ABC writing
ABC Tracer
*Preschool university ABC2 magic
*Little Speller
Magic words
Wordsearch F teens
Write animals
Spelling cards no
Spell & listen
Hangman - virtuesoft
Words search word search +
Preschool university -Spelling magic
Literacy /recording
Dragon dictation
Spa-eng free
Grammer up
Rhyme free
Holler gram
Reading logs
Lab timer
Pop math
Kindsmathfun 3 (4)
Multipluy free
Baseball –mcgraw hill 1-6 facts and 1-12 facts
Mcgraw hill
Addition topit
Top I t
Mcgraw hill multiplication
Mcgraw hill tric trac
Mcgraw hill number
Mcgraw hill fractions
Mcgraw hill divisibility
Glow draw
Glow paint
Art of glow doodle buddy
Reading Two
Reading book
Ireading HDIII
Toy story
Classic lite
Comincs4 kids
Sight words- alligator apps
Sight games
Feelings –dusty d dawg
Ireading HD8
Angry birds
Hidden pix
Disney movies
Bubble popper
Timegeeks HD
Don’t let the pigeon run this app